Standup Paddle Boarding SUP

Early season Alpine SUP session at Ice Creek Lodge. This shot was taken by Dwayne Nesbitt during a short evening hike up to Demurs Pass area from Ice Creek Lodge. “We threw the paddle boards on our backs just in case, what and evening, WOW!”.

Alpine SUP conditions update

The Upper Demurs lake chain is just becoming free of Ice. Despite warm spring temps and lots of sun in April and early May, June has brought cooler weather with lots of precip. This has extended spring conditions in the Alpine. The Upper Demurs area should be free of snow by next week, just in time for our first summer standup paddle board traverse of the Valhallas!

“I love this time of year, June brings warm Alpine temps and long days with no bugs! The travel is fast with lots of hard snow still present on the North slopes. Adventure options are abundant, Hiking, Alpine climbing, Bouldering close to the lodge, refreshing quick dips in Alpine lakes or SUP excursions and of course, if your a true addict, ski/snowboard mountaineering objectives are everywhere.”