Conditions update: June 1 2016
Trail to the lodge via Ice Creek and the Burton townsite is now open and in early season condition. Maintenance and spring cleanup is expected to take place over the next couple weeks. The road to the trail head is clear as of last week but we would advise taking a chainsaw with you just in case due to strong winds over the last few days.

Access to the Gimli parking lot is free of snow and in good shape with the exception of a large boulder forcing a tight right maybe 1km below the parking lot. Trail is free of snow to about 1950m.

We haven’t had a look at the Drinnon pass rd yet but it’s likely free of snow to the parking lot or at least to with in 2-3 km, we’ll have a look over the next week or so and will update then.

Still lots of snow in the Alpine, travel is good on a supportive crust below 2300m, above that it’s still pretty punchy in places and the fresh 15-20cm over the weekend has made it so that skis or snowshoes are still recommended if your trying to get up high. Great spring shredding for a couple weeks yet if you don’t mind packing the boards for a while.

The Demurs lake chain should be free of Ice with in the next couple weeks, we have 3 boards at the lodge currently, contact us now for a paddle board session amongst the last few remaining Icebergs or to plan your summers adventure!