A long and curious trip with a crazy Kootenay crew.

Descending the Lucifer glacier shown above.

The trip starts with a drive up into the back end of Hoder creek to the Drinnon pass parking lot on the Boundary of Valhalla Provincial Park. Over the next 4 days the route crosses two small glaciers, 4 mountain passes, 2 nights at a mac’in lodge, crosses 9 alpine lakes plus Slocan lake and finish’s with a casual float down the Slocan river covering over 55km.


Drinnon - Ice Creek Lodge - Slocan River

Our route through the Valhallas


The trail from Drinnon pass to Gwilliam lakes offers some great scrambling options with awesome views.



Descending from Lucifer col 2585m, Black Prince and the Bor glacier in the background.




Crossing the Bor bench with views of Devils range.

From left to right, the Devils Couch, Devils Spire, Satan Peak, Diablo and Banshee peaks.



After a days rest and 2 good night sleeps we switch alpine gear for paddle boards and set out on our decent to Slocan lake.

Demurs lake and Urd Peak 2690m behind.



Alpine Lake swims.



Dropping into where’s Jimmy. Beatrice lake is in the distance.