What You Need To Know

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Guests must provide their own transportation to “What’s Brewing On Broadway Cafe” in Nakusp, BC at 8:00am the morning of their departure into Ice Creek Lodge. Here we will meet with the group and Ice Creek Lodge staff to sign waivers.

After the briefing is completed, guests will need to provide their own transportation to the staging site in the town of Burton, 30 minutes away. 4WD or AWD vehicles are needed.


Both Kelowna International Airport and Spokane International Airport are the closest international airports. They have regular scheduled flights and are very reliable. The closest domestic airport is in Castlegar, however, we do not recommend using this airport as flights are frequently cancelled in the winter. If travelling from the USA, please check with border services for their hours of operation as only Paterson crossing is open 24 hours.


 On the morning of your departure for your trip to Ice Creek Lodge you’ll need to be in Nakusp at the coffee shop at 8:00am. We will caravan to our staging site in Burton by 9:15am. Once we arrive to the site, we will weigh gear and organize the loads. Our pilot with Highland Helicopters will be there to go over a helicopter briefing and put together the flight manifest.

The first flight with guests will depart around 10:15am, (weather permitting), and all guests should be at the lodge by noon, (weather permitting).

At the end of your trip you can expect to be back to your vehicles by noon (weather permitting).

Keep in mind when making connecting travel plans that poor weather often delays helicopter travel by a few hours and occasionally even a day or more.

 We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance for all modes of travel and give yourself extra time to allow for delays.


It is important to know your local weather and snow conditions. At Ice Creek Lodge we provide all groups with a daily weather report as well as a daily conditions report brought to you by  Avalanche Canada. A snow forecast can be found here.


Nelson Hotels

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 Nakusp Hotels

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The Ice Creek Village consists of the main timber frame lodge building, a sauna building, a staff lodge and a 3 stall composting outhouse.

Both the main lodge and staff lodge are heated with a combination of propane and wood while the sauna is wood heat only. We have a mountain shower in the sauna building too.

Main Lodge

Built by mountain people for mountain people, this true ‘Kootenay Style’ lodge was hand-built from local timbers. It accommodates ten to twelve guests comfortably and the architecture of this two-story post-and-beam lodge contributes to an intimate atmosphere. Large picture windows surround you on every wall, giving you spectacular views of the Selkirk and Valhalla mountains


The kitchen contains all your backcountry culinary needs to prepare delicious meals. Dish soap and other cleaning products, sponges, dish towels, and bleach are provided for all groups.

The 4 burner stove and oven are propane only. They need to be cleaned after every use with non abrasive soap and sponge.

There is cold running water in the kitchen. Our dish water is heated up on the wood stove in large pots.

Dining/Living Room

The dining table is a large rectangle table with a steel rotating plate in the middle which makes serving easy. There is room for the whole group to sit around the table, connect and enjoy a warm meal after a big day of shredding.

Just want to sit and relax, our living area has one built-in couch and one sofa, both are close to the woodstove. There are lots of magazines, books, and games.  We also have yoga mats, stretching equipment, and 2 guitars to use.

Sleeping Quarters

There is one bedroom with one double bed and one bunk set. Our upstairs loft is hostel style with 2 bunk sets and an additional 3 double beds, with a total of 10 beds (two of them room for 2 people). All beds are comforted with sheets, pillows, pillow cases and duvets.

Drying Area

We have a spacious gear drying room in the front of the main lodge. There are plenty of hooks and drying racks made and installed by Ridgeline Metal Works all throughout the main lodge as well. The gear room has a table area with all sorts of tools, ski iron/waxing equipment, as well as many spare parts and repair equipment. Please ask our staff for assistance.


A sauna may be in order after a day of being in the mountains. Relax and soak up some serious heat in this cedar building. This wilderness sauna is equipped with a backcountry shower system that keeps you clean and refreshed for the next day of shredding. These amenities speak for themselves – a little bit of luxury in the remote wilderness.

Staff Accommodation

 Here at Ice Creek Lodge we want our guest and our team to feel at home. We provide all our Ice team with separate accommodations nearby. This 4 bed open concept loft is perfect for unwinding after a long day. The lodge is equipped with a cook stovetop, sink, and wood burning stove. Relax in the leather recliner chairs by the fire!! Visiting guides can inquiry with us about the use of the staff lodge.

The Outhouse

This newly built 3 stall outhouse is fantastic! It is a composting outhouse designed to be efficient and odorless. Men and women can use this facility comfortably during all times of the day or evening.


Helicopter Safety Briefing

All members of your group are required to attend a mandatory helicopter safety briefing and instructions on loading procedures at the staging area prior to leaving for the lodge.

Weight Limitations and Extra Flights

Ice Creek Lodge is a remote backcountry lodge that relies on Helicopter access only in the winter season. This means that we are slightly limited to the amount of weight going in and out of the lodge. Please be weigh-wise. If groups are over weight limits and require an additional flight, the total cost of an extra one-way flight is $1000.00 (Canadian) plus taxes, and if an additional flight were also required at the end of the week that price would be doubled. Groups typically only need the extra flight going in as they use up their food/alcohol during the week. We would appreciate it if guests would let us know if they require an extra flight in advance of their trip.

The standard weight allotment for a self-guided/self-catered group of 10 is 36kg (80 lb) each, and for a guided/catered group of 10 is 18kg (40 lb) each. This total weight includes all gear, daypack, clothing, food and beverages (for

self-catered groups), but excludes skis, poles, ski boots and day packs.

Additional Helicopter Costs

Ice Creek Lodge has a standard helicopter rate with Highland Helicopters. This in turn applies to the group package. This fixed rate is based upon groups arriving into Ice while other groups are leaving Ice. These consecutive flight operations are referred to as ‘dovetailing’. If guests create situations that increase our fixed helicopter rate, there will be an additional charge to them. Examples may include guests miss airplane flights, they require a mid-week helicopter flight, insist on being flown even it if means all flights cannot be done consecutively (i.e. poor weather where only one flight can be completed), or bring more than the standard weight allotment.

These extra charges will be at the discretion of the Highland Helicopters or another helicopter company and will vary with the circumstances.



  • Skis or Snowboard with proper touring set up
  • Comfortable Boots
  • Skins w/ good glue, cut to fit your skis
  • Heel lifter set up
  • Shovel, Beacon, Probe, in good repair
  • Day pack 30l, avalanche airbag systems are optional
  • Snow shoes if you plan to noboard
  • Spare batteries
  • Headlamp
  • Sunscreen
  • Repair kit, individual and to suite group needs
  • Gloves and good socks
  • Down Jacket
  • Emergency Tarp, small, compact, heat reflective
  • Personal first aid kit with blister repair
  • Helmet
  • Ski/Board crampons, Ice Axe
  • Light rope kit and Harnesses if you plan on mountaineering objectives (self guided)


  • Thin gloves and good quality ski socks suggested
  • Base Layer; Thin Merino or equivalent top and bottom
  • Insulating layer for colder days, light weight Merino recommended
  • Shell; some sort of water proof breathable top and bottom
  • Hat/toque, Good gloves, goggles and sun glasses, spares for the group

Group Extras

  • Group VHF radios, required Freq below
  • Local chat, 158.940 Tx and Rx
  • Ice Repeater Tx 167.610 mhz narrowband, tone 156.7
    • Rx 162.630 mhz narrowband, tone 156.7
  • Sat phone or Equivalent
  • Compass and Topo map, Burton 82f13, ICL kmz file from website

Cabin stuff

  • Down booties/slippers or cabin shoes
  • Casual clothes
  • Towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Entertainment/Board game, we do have a couple
  • Selection of Music, we have an auxiliary cable to our stereo

Packing Tips

Most of our flights are with Highland Helicopters. They operate a Long Ranger helicopter with has one small cheek and a ski basket. The majority of our gear is transported in a sling load. This means that gear is packed into a net, wrapped up then clipped to the bottom of the helicopter and slung into the lodge. It is wise to keep all clothing and gear in a water proof/resistant sealed bag and all food/alcohol in smaller strong boxes with lids as they are more efficient to pack and will fit in the cheek compartment. Do not bring coolers or plastic totes as they do not pack efficiently. No plastic bags!!

Please strap skis and poles together and no ski bags please.


Please have the group organizer check with all members about dietary requirements, food allergies and food preferences for us. Vegetarian options are available at no extra cost.

Dietary restrictions and allergen-free food options are available for an additional cost of $150 + GST/person.

When at Ice, we are all a part of a community and therefore we ask that everyone helps out with dishes and other simple lodge chores.


The main lodge is an internet-free zone. We have a limited satellite internet

connection and is available at the staff lodge if you require to send or receive any emails. Please note that it is a sensitive system and cannot handle any streaming, video or downloads/uploads. Please be prepared with any documents before you arrive.

Thank you for taking the time to go over this information. 

We look forward to seeing you in the mountains.

Russell and Courtney Hulbert