Ice Creek Lodge Images




The view from Phatdaddy col on the West side of Urd Peak. Views of Devils Dome, False Dome, Trident and Mt Mephistopheles. Photo by Tobin Seagel



The Rooster shredding Stairway to Heaven. One of our favorites, this photo ran as one of our adds in the fall of 2015



Photo of Dash Rodman by Aaron Rutzik in Kaya Bowl, Mt Bor and Lucifer col in the background. Valhalla Provincial Park. Taken during the “warm” winter of 2015, this run drops in just below 2700m and finishes up at 2250m, high enough to stay light and dry



Valhalla Provincial Park offers some incredible spring ski mountaineering objectives. Joel McBurney, long time guide at Ice Creek Lodge, looks across to Mt Gladshiem.



Warm Spring days with good stability, bring the BBQ and maybe a couple bevies. Set up camp for the day high on a moraine and session the bowls above. This was in mid april 2015, the shot below shows some of the terrain above.



A small section of the 10km long ridgeline running West to East from the Summit of Urd Peak. Just one of several drainages to explore at Ice Creek Lodge. The small peaks summit out between 2500-2600m and the aspect is due North, the perfect powder preserver.

Ice Creek Lodge Images




Spring and Summer in the Valhallas, like so much of British Columbia is breath taking. What makes the Valhallas unique is its towering granite spires, lack of human presence and the sense of adventure that provides. The late spring and early summer weeks offer bug free hiking, ski and snowboard mountaineering and early season Alpine SUP sessions all in the same trip.


Ski and snowboard mountaineering objectives leading to epic decents right into mid July with a high concentration of classic lines in the Mulvey Group and Devils Range. Days are long and with good timing you might even squeak out some pow turns up high.



Snow free dry alpine hiking starts usually in mid-late July with the bloom of numerous species of Flowers. By early Aug the bugs are almost all but gone.



Aug is a great time for family adventures with sustained 25deg days and warm nights. For the kids it’s more than bearable for them in the shallows of the Alpine Lakes or to be playing with the blowup paddleboards in the small lake near the lodge.

Rock quality and climbing in the Valhallas is world class. A selection of classic moderate routes on flawless granite  are with in day trips of the lodge. Venture further out and come and explore the Devils Range, Nemo Battlement or the Mulvey group for unlimted alpine rock climbing excursions and adventures. Book a local IFMGA mountain guide or contact us for beta on route info and access.



By Aug the small glaciers of the Valhallas are generally free of snow with crevasses being open and easily avoided. Aug and Sept is great time for alpine climbing and generally when we expect the most stable weather. Contact us to inquire about our glacier walks and intro courses for crevasse rescue and glacier travel.



After years of exploring the Demurs/Beatrice 9 lake chain on foot and with the invention of the blowup SUP