Want a good Challenge that is outside of the Crossfit gym? Then this trip is for you. An epic adventure that is unique to its landscape. With this experience, you will be pushed and rewarded on many levels.

This 6 day adventure begins and ends in the little mountain/lake town of Slocan City, BC. 

Bring a group of your favourite mountain buddies and share this lifetime experience!  


  • ACMG Qualified Hiking Guide

  • All dinners provided

  • Stand Up Paddleboards and Frame Packs

  • One night at The Col Guesthouse in Slocan City

  • 2 night lodging at Ice Creek Lodge

  • Shuttle to Drinnon Trail Head

  • Gear drop off at Lodge by our incredible Porters

  • Be prepared to carry up to 50lb pack

$1,575.00 per person

Contact us for Trip Dates and Details. 

courtney@icecreeklodge.com    (250)355-2647