Find Valhalla

The trip starts at Drinnon pass parking lot on the Boundary of Valhalla Provincial Park. Over the next 2 days the route crosses two small glaciers, 2 mountain passes, 2 nights at at Ice Creek Lodge, then winds down an 8km trail into the Ice Creek drainage over talus slopes and through old growth forests.  

The trail from Drinnon Pass to Gwilliam Lakes offers some great scrambling options and incredible views. Descending from Lucifer Col at 2585m with views of Black Prince, Bor glacier and the elusive Devils Range.

Let Us Take You There

4 Days, 3 Nights – Trip Includes:

  • ACMG Hiking Guide
  • 2 night stay at Ice Creek Lodge
  • 1 night under the Stars in Valhalla Provincial Park
  • All backcountry style meals provided

Next Steps

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