Valhalla Traverse Tour

Highlights: Traverse the rugged peaks of the Valhallas with the all inclusive guided and catered summer tour.

Valhalla – the very name conjures up majesty and awe. Named after the great hall in Norse mythology where the Vikings slain in battle were received for the greatest eternal afterparty. Come witness the pristine beauty of these exclusive backcountry ranges when you take this trip of a lifetime. The Valhalla Traverse Tour will challenge you and feed your soul. Hike and scramble across glaciers and over mountain passes. At the end of the day, plunge into a glacier-fed alpine lake and enjoy delicious homestyle meals at Ice Creek Lodge.
Starting early in the morning, we will climb up into the rugged Valhalla Provincial Park. There, we will traverse Drinnon Lake Pass. Make our way up and over Lucifer Col. And hike alongside the Devil’s Range. Follow a series of stunning alpine meadows dotted with small lakes before setting up camp. Wake up to pure mountain air and a warm cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise over the mountaintops. In the following days, your guide will lead you around ridge tops with towering views in all directions. You can also opt to paddleboard alpine lakes that are at your exclusive disposal. And after a full day of alpine adventures, enjoy mouth-watering meals prepared for you in the comfort of the fully equipped lodge.

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** Rates will be updated on January 1 each year and will be good for one-year term.

What's included with your tour

One night stay at The Col Guesthouse in Slocan BC where we will meet you prior to heading out the next morning to start the traverse.

Two night stay at this remote backcountry lodge and all its amenities. You enter the lodge through the spacious boot room with its hooks and drying racks ready for storing outdoor gear. Around the corner, the kitchen, fully equipped with all your cooking requirements, is ready to take center stage in creating a hearty, backcountry feast or a simple charcuterie style meal. A custom made, metal lazy-susan sits in the middle of the dining table and is the perfect platform for serving family style meals after a long day in the mountains.

Four shared, private bedrooms, comfortably provide sleep for 2-4 people in each. The rustic style shower and wood-fired sauna house are a tranquil space to unwind. Three stall composting outhouses, each with the glorious views of the Valhallas, allow you to catch up on some reading in style


  • This tour includes all backcountry style cuisine during the traverse and during your stay at the lodge. 
  • We can customize your meals to include food allergies and/or all dietary restrictions. Our chef is always open to meal planning suggestions to suit your needs.
  • Option to porter your extra beverages to have waiting for you when you arrive at the lodge.
  • Please note changes to our standard meal plan may result in an additional cost.



  • This tour includes vehicle shuttle up to the Drinnon Pass parking in Valhalla Provincial Park and pick up from Ice Creek Lodge Trailhead back to Slocan
  • Our porters will transport your lodge food up the 9 km trail to Ice Creek Lodge
  • Need extra bevies hiked in? Let us know and we can make that happen.

At Ice Creek Lodge, we strive to bring you the best of the best! Our community is composed of professionals who are not only hard working and knowledgeable, but also simply RAD! We are proud of the dedicated team who value the safety of our clients while maintaining a deep rooted passion for Kootenay mountain culture. Our guides will elevate your backcountry connection with a heightened adventure experience. Before long, you will feel the comradery and community vibe that has become synonymous amongst the Ice Creek Family.

Our team are certified by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and have attained WSBC level lll OFA certification or better. 

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What to bring


  • Wool and/or synthetic socks
  • Base layer top – synthetic or wool
  • Base layer bottoms – synthetic or wool – optional for cool fall days
  • Mid-insulation layer top – pile (fleece), light synthetic fill or wool sweater/jacket
  • Hiking pants- synthetic multipurpose pants
  • Light wind shell – windproof, water resistant layer for high aerobic work
  • Weather layer top – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable jacket, or coated nylon
  • Weather layer pants – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable pants, or coated nylon
  • Warm outer jacket – down or synthetic for cool fall days
  • Toque – wool or synthetic
  • Face warmer – scarf, neck tube, face mask – optional
  • Light gloves – wool, synthetic or leather
  • Gaiters – for early or late season snowy conditions
  • Shorts or convertible pants
  • Sun hat
  • Cotton t-shirt

Personal Equipment

  • Pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Head lamp
  • Water bottle or hydration system
  • Blister kit
  • Pocket knife
  • Camera – optional
  • Binoculars – optional
  • Walking stick or hiking poles
  • Hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Pillow case

Cabin Stuff

  • Slippers or cabin shoes
  • Casual clothes
  • Towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Toiletry bag (keep it light)
  • Selection of music, we have an auxiliary cable to our bluetooth stereo
  • We have a selection of two guitars, a drum and a ukulele

Our guides

Our guides are all certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, are professional members of the Canadian Avalanche Association, and are WSBC level III OFA certified.

Planning a summer trip

Preparing for a summer tour at Ice Creek Lodge.

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Simply put, I love Ice Creek Lodge. It’s a deeply soulful place. The lodge is comfortable without being fussy and has a handmade feel to it, from the steelwork throughout to the concrete kitchen counter – a labour of love in the best sense of the word.

John Paluska | CA