Planning A Winter Tour

Planning Winter Tours

When planning your next winter tour, take into consideration the ability of your crew. Finding that perfect winter tour might be the right fit for some, but a struggle for others. We are always available to help curate the perfect Ski trip, whether that is providing additional guides to split groups up, or providing options for customized tours.  Contact Us to learn more about planning a winter tour. 

Here are 3 things you can do to help plan for your winter adventure.

  • Plan ahead –  Learning about the area prior to your arrival is key. Here are some useful links to check out

Valhalla Provincial Park 

Slocan Valley

  • Consider the weather – Summer weather in the mountains can be variable and sometimes, unpredictable. Best to have something in your packs for anything and pack appropriately.

Local Weather Forcast  

  • Canadian Avalanche Bulletin – Even with guided groups, it is important to watch and pay attention to one of our most valuable public resources.

  • Know your gear – Make sure all your equipment is in good shape and up to date. Take the time to get to know your beacon! The more you practice beforehand the more you can dial your skills and have more advanced questions answered when you arrive on sight. Most ski areas offer avalanche courses and if you are able to, take one, we highly recommend it. If that is not possible, grab a few friends who have beacons and practice in your local hood. If you have questions about gear, please contact us. We are happy to pass along our thoughts on the gear we like.
  • Train – Make a training plan and stick to it. Ask your crew what is expected of you on the tour and set yourself up to have an incredible experience. 

Need a place to stay at either end of your Winter Tour? Consider staying with us at The Col Guesthouse in Slocan, BC.