About Ice Creek Lodge

Safety and Risk

In order to help you be aware of the level of risk associated with the specific backcountry activity you are participating in, we encourage you to review the “Assumption or Risks” portion on the Winter Waiver and Summer Waiver. This will allow you to be prepared, have peace of mind and make your trip as memorable as possible.

Understanding risk is vital for recreating responsibly in BC’s Backcountry. Backcountry adventures in BC can include activities that at times may have a higher-than-normal element of risk. Once you venture into the backcountry you are entering an uncontrolled environment. BLBCA member lodges do their utmost to allow you to enjoy an exhilarating yet safe experience.

Guided trips are led by highly-trained, professionally-certified members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Safety always comes first, BLBCA member organizations strive to ensure it is a key component of any backcountry experience.

Our History

A little bit about us at Ice Creek Lodge, our team, our history, and how it all started. In world-class backcountry terrain, Ice Creek Lodge was built by mountain people, for mountain people. Three decades ago, a group of best friends began dreaming about building Ice Creek Lodge in the rugged wilderness of the Valhalla mountains. A retreat, in the middle of nowhere, for those seeking repose from the hustle of everyday life.

Russell and his crew of tree planting ski bums would spend winter weeks in search of a place that could bring their dream to fruition. The spark that ignited the concept of what has become Ice Creek Lodge. A lot of love, laughter, hard work, community, and connection went into the 20 years of building what is now one of the most exclusive retreats in the Kootenays. Read the full about us at Ice Creek Lodge, our team, our history here.

courtney and russell

Our Team

Our team at Ice Creek Lodge strives to bring you the best of the best! Above all, these professionals are hard-working, knowledgeable, and simply RAD! A dedicated team that values the safety of our clients while maintaining a deep-rooted passion for Kootenay mountain culture. These guides will elevate your backcountry connection with a heightened adventure experience. Before long, you will feel the community vibe that has become synonymous amongst the Ice Creek Family.

We are lucky at Ice Creek to be able to draw on some of the best guides in the industry. Some of the team has been here since the beginning. We have formed relationships with our guests that have spanned 20 years or more and it has turned our weekly trips into family reunions. Every year we all learn a little more through our experiences together. All these guides are open and approachable and encourage questions, observations, and dialog from all group members. Shred with us not behind us.


Russell Hulbert

Owner/Lead Guide

A ski bum at heart, Russell loves spending time in the mountains with good people doing cool things. Through his dedicated hard work and passion for shredding, Russell is living his dream Kootenay mountain life which he shares with his wife Courtney and their two children.

Russell is certified by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and is a professional member of the CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association).


Courtney Hulbert

Lead Support

Since settling to the Kootenays in 2004, Courtney has been stoked to help amplify the Ice Creek Lodge life. Her passion for adventure and epic fun keeps her busy conjuring up new ways to explore the Valhallas. She is happiest when spending time with her family.

Courtney is a professional MOM and is a self-taught entrepreneur.


The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides is a professional association of trained and certified guides and instructors, dedicated to protecting the public interest in mountain travel and climbing instruction. The ACMG sets technical standards for mountain guiding and climbing instruction certification, as well as admission standards for the membership, and operates an internationally recognized training and assessment program. Training is extensive and the examination is both rigorous and fair. The ACMG has close operational affiliations with the Canadian Avalanche Association, Avalanche Canada, the Backcountry Lodges of BC Association, Heli-Cat Canada, Rando-Quebec, the Alpine Club of Canada, as well as the National and Provincial Park Managers in Western Canada.