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The Self Guided Experience

This tour is designed for experienced self guided groups looking to explore Ice Creek Lodge’s complex terrain. Spend this self guided experience in some of the best north-facing slopes... Read more

Avalanche Skills Training 2

Avalanche Skills Training 2 – BC’s mountains offer some of the world’s best opportunities for winter backcountry experiences and exploration. In order to explore, you have a responsibility—to yourselves,... Read more

a week of winter touring

A Week of Winter Touring

Looking for an ultimate B.C. backcountry powder experience? Spend a week of winter touring in some of the best north-facing slopes in world-class terrain. Surrounded by stunning couloirs, natural... Read more

Spring Sessions Featured Image

Spring Touring Sessions

Experience the long spring days in the mountains that bring the change of season and snowpack to your experience. Spring touring sessions can be perfectly timed corn snow on... Read more

Recreational Risk Process

Recreational Risk Process

The recreational risk process course is a step beyond the standard Avalanche Canada AST 2 program. We have geared this 5-day program to the advanced recreationist and professional athlete,... Read more

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Browse summer tours offered at Ice Creek Lodge

Exclusive Lodge Retreat

Exclusive Lodge Retreat

Do you and your family want to embark on the perfect trip this summer? Maybe you want to commemorate a special occasion or bond with a close group of... Read more

icl Demurs Lake with Celeste carrying paddleboard

Valhalla Lake Paddleboard Tour

An adventure that will challenge and test your limits. Come prepared for the Valhalla Lake Paddleboard Tour, as you will have to carry up to 50 pounds across talus... Read more

planning a summer tour

Valhalla Traverse Tour

Valhalla – the very name conjures up majesty and awe. Named after the great hall in Norse mythology where the Vikings slain in battle were received for the greatest... Read more

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