Vision & Values


The vision and values at Ice Creek Lodge are its fundamental roots. Firstly, Ice Creek Lodge respects the unceded territory of the Indigenous Peoples and the land that is shared. The values at Ice Creek Lodge are also to build on providing a safe and ideal mountain experience as well.


We value the environment around Ice Creek Lodge. Lowering our footprint by providing responsible access to our non-mechanized lodge is a priority. Also, our hike in-and-out philosophy, composting systems, and protecting the water are just some of the ways we demonstrate care for our environment.


We value our youth, community, and the rights of the Indigenous Peoples. With a youth work program, Ice Creek Lodge is able to build and maintain trails. Ice Creek Lodge also supports a local school’s outdoor wilderness program through donations and through work experience. We strive to become better allies of the Indigenous community. Learn more about how we help the youth in our community.

Safety & Expertise

Preparation, professionalism, and knowledge are key skills embodied by our guides and staff members. The guiding philosophy at Ice Creek Lodge is centered around risk awareness and mitigation. We also strive to enrich the lives of our team members and guests. Also sharing knowledge and connection to each other while recreating the natural wonder of these mountains.

Happy Guests

Genuine human connection transforms the clients into the family. Our clients choose to return year after year because, like us, they know: when you’re at Ice Creek Lodge, you’re exactly where you need to be.