Youth In Our Community

We believe that deep love for the wilderness is fostered through early childhood experiences. We want adults to know and respect these wild places. And we have to show them their value from an early age. When we help them build a lifelong relationship with the wild, it becomes worthy of protection. Our summer youth program fosters deep respect. Ensuring that this pristine wilderness will continue to thrive long after we are gone.

This is our way of giving back. Taking the time from our busy days to water the seeds that will grow the future generations. 

Our summer youth program gives young people the opportunity to spend their summer vacation at Ice Creek Lodge where they will experience the mountains in a profound and meaningful way. Youths as young as 16 can join us for up to two, week-long shifts at the cabin where they will learn about mountain awareness and build a relationship to place and time with seasoned mountain people. We teach them safety skills, terrain elements, and leadership qualities while showing them how to build a strong work ethic. We provide a safe space for communication and friendship as they bond with other mountain lovers. It’s also a summer work experience where they get to use their hands and really get dirty. They will build both muscles and endurance through trail construction and maintenance, learning firewood splitting, and hauling gear up to the lodge.

We teach responsibility for our one universal mother, this planet that holds the ground beneath our feet.